Difference between Self Packing and Professional Movers

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Relocating is a hectic task and before moving from one place to another one must have proper plan so that the process becomes hassle-free and smooth. The first thing which will come in your mind if you’re moving is whether you should hire professional movers or you should self-pack. While both have their own pros and cons so you should decide according to your requirements. Before deciding for which one you should go let us have a look at some major differences between self-packing and hiring professional movers.

Time Management: If you’re going to self-pack then you should have ample amount of time to pack and arrange stuff in proper way because loading and unloading can damage your stuff. Moreover, if you’re self-packing it will take more time as you will have to buy the packing materials, then pack, load, drive, unload and unpack which will take more time than you think. On the other hand, if you’re hiring professional mover then you can be rest assured of all the things related to moving your stuff and then you can concentrate on other things as well.

Cost Estimation: Moving comes with cost but it’s a myth that hiring professional movers will cost you more than self-packing. However, the cost basically depends on how much stuff you’re moving, where you are moving and what items you’re moving. Professional movers will give you one cost after evaluating all your needs however you might end up spending more individually on each aspect due to lack of knowledge about the field.

Packing Materials: If you’re self-packing then you might not know what material you should use for packing different kinds of stuffs. However, professional movers are more trained and knowledgeable in this aspect and when you hire them you don’t need to worry about the material since it’s their job to take care of your belongings. Moreover, they will also give you claim or insurance if anything is damaged during transit which you will not get when you’re self-packing.

Additional Services: When you’re self-packing then you will have to do all the things on your own from packing to loading to unloading and then unpacking. However the professional movers will not only take care of all this but they will also give you additional services on demand. You can also request the professional movers to place the things in your home and they will also gather the packing materials and dispose them if you want extra services.




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