Inspection Tips for Car Transport

Car Shipping is a big task and it involves lots of time plus effort. The first difficult thing is to find the Best Car Transport Service In Mumbai and once you’re done with it, the second most difficult task is to prepare it for shipping. It is very essential to inspect the car thoroughly to see all the existing damages before you actually hand it over to the shippers.

Here are some Essential Inspection Tips which you must follow before giving your car to the Car Shipping Company:

  • Provide set of Keys: Make sure you provide complete set of keys to your Car Shipping Company. This might scare you a bit but rest assured as these Car Shipping Companies have professionals and they want nothing more than the safety of your car.
  • Removable Components: Many GPS systems and stereo players are removable. So, remember to remove these items from your car before shipping.
  • Antennas: If you have antennas for your radio or cell-phone, they can be easily removed. Take them down to prevent them from breaking.
  • Spoiler/Fog Lights/Luggage racks: Detach anything that is removable form the exterior of the car. This will help the car during loading and unloading, will also prevent damage to the outer accessories.
  • Gas Level: A car should only have about a quarter tank of gas when it is been shipped. This reduces the weight of the car and provides added safety.
  • Check Fluid Levels: Prepare your car for changing weather when shipping to diverse climates. It is a good idea to check inappropriate and other fluid levels before transport.
  • Car Alarms: Disable the car alarms prior to shipping. Your car is likely to feel few bumps during the transit and if the alarm is activated during transport it can low the battery. The car shippers will have to recharge the battery before moving the vehicle; this could cost you additional time and money.
  • A clean Car: Washing and cleaning your car from inside out can help you determine the actual current condition of your car for pre-pickup inspection. To protect you from damage claims it is important to give the car holder an accurate car assessment of the overall condition including any chips or scratches in the glass.

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