Points to remember when giving bike to Movers and Buyers

Moving a bike from one place to another seems like an easy task as most people will drive it directly to the destination. However, if you’re moving entirely and you have a lot of stuff apart from your vehicle then it is not advisable to drive on your own. Moreover, if the destination is too far and you want to move immediately then trust hiring professional Movers and Buyers.

Here are few points you must consider before giving your bike to any Movers and Buyers.

  • Take quotations from at least 3 to 4 moving companies and compare them so that you can get the best deal. There will be a lot of difference between the prices as all companies have different criteria to calculate the price. Also, many companies will also give you packages based on your requirements.
  • Before shortlisting any Moving company ensure that they are authentic and this you can check by asking for their licence and registration number. Moreover, you can also read the reviews and testimonials on internet.
  • When you give your bike movers  to any moving company you are supposed to give the registration certificate and an ID proof along with it for smooth transportation. However, many people do a mistake by giving the originals which you should never do. Always and always give the photo copies to any moving company.
  • Although a professional moving company is going to ensure that your bike stays safe during the transit but to be on the safer side, click pictures of your vehicle before handling over it to them. If you have the pictures and something happens during the transit, you will have a proof of the bike condition before handling.
  • Make sure it’s a door-to-door service as you don’t want them to leave your bike right in the middle of no-where. Also, double check the destination address mentioned on the bill to have safe shipping.
  • Make sure they’re providing a motion insurance so that if anything happens to your bike you can claim the loss.

Consider these points before giving your bike to Movers and Buyers and you will surely have a safe and secure moving experience.

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